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journaling for busy minds.

journaling for busy minds.

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kura in a nutshell:

kura kura is not just a journaling app—it's your companion in navigating emotions and life's ups and down to understand your feelings, and embark on a journey of emotional growth.

discover kura through Hui Ling's story

Hui Ling is balancing different commitments throughout high school, facing emotional challenges or changes.

She adopts a Kura - 'Kilat' – and joins Kura Kampong.

discover kura through Hui Ling's story

On the bus ride home, Hui Ling checks in and feeds her Kura, Kilat.

She’s feeling just a little bit overwhelmed with her school and personal commitments. Thinking in smaller steps with Kilat helps Hui Ling feel better.

The next week, Hui Ling has an argument with her best friend

and feels hurt.

Talking to Kilat encourages Hui Ling to put her feelings into words, consider her friend’s perspective, and express what she is feeling.

As Hui Ling journals her emotions over time, Kilat also evolves and grows with her. She customises Kilat with new accessories from her hard earned lilypads.

Hui Ling feels more confident and vulnerable in understanding herself and expressing them to her peers.

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